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The Right Is Ecstatic Elon Musk Bought Twitter to ‘Literally Own the Libs’

At least at the moment, early data suggests Twitter being sold to Elon Musk is having an actual effect on the makeup of Twitter's user base. Christopher Bouzy, a data scientist who runs the bot tracker Bot Sentinel, tweeted that prominent Democratic politicians have lost followers in the last 24 hours, while prominent Republican politicians have gained followers. More >>

Vice News (Apr 26, 2022)

YouTube Just Deranked Anti–Meghan Markle Channels From Search Results And Recommendations

Although Sussex fans have raised questions for years about why anti-Meghan accounts were platformed and monetized, the scrutiny of royal YouTube picked up steam in January, when social media analytics company Bot Sentinel published a report examining anti-Meghan content across various online platforms. The report was the third in a series about what the company dubbed “single-purpose hate accounts,” profiles that appeared to only be on the internet to attack a certain individual — in this case, the Duchess of Sussex. More >>

BuzzFeed News (Apr 16, 2022)

Elon Musk Has Triggered a Battle for the Future of Twitter

“I would argue there would be a negative impact on democracies worldwide if someone like Elon Musk owned Twitter,” says Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, a service that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter. More >>

Wired (Apr 14, 2022)

Royal rumblers: Inside the world of anti–Meghan Markle YouTube

Bouzy, 46, is the New York–based founder of Bot Sentinel, a site that tracks social media accounts it believes spread hate. In January 2022, Bot Sentinel released a report estimating that the three largest anti-Markle YouTube channels earn nearly half a million dollars combined from YouTube AdSense revenue More >>

Input Magazine (Apr 11, 2022)

This Is How Twitter’s Edit Button Can Actually Work

“Are there risks?” asks Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, a service that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter. “Absolutely. It could change the context of a tweet.” More >>

Wired (Apr 07, 2022)

Meghan Markle’s Online Trolls Have Become Obsessed With Weird and False Theories

Meghan has long been a target for trolls and virulent online abuse, and last year the data analytics firm Bot Sentinel pointed out that about 70% of the abuse came from only 83 single-topic anti-Sussex accounts. More >>

Vanity Fair (Mar 14, 2022)

Cardi B wants to 'chat' with Meghan Markle after court verdict reminds public of online hate duchess endured

Just last week, Bot Sentinel published a report about the "coordinated hate campaign targeting Harry and Meghan." The 53-page report covers Twitter conversations, single-purpose accounts, manipulating hashtags and Amazon reviews, and other methods of hate campaigns against the royal couple, including targets against women of color. More >>

Fox News (Jan 26, 2022)

Anti-Meghan Markle YouTube channels raked in £2.8 million over hate content

In a research conducted by Bot Sentinel, a data analytics service, it was reported that three anti-Meghan YouTube channels managed to accumulate a total of 497 million views which also translated into millions of pounds in revenue. More >>

Geo News (Jan 21, 2022)

Meghan and Harry targeted by 'money-making hate campaign', new study finds

A new report by an anti-trolling group has claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been the subject of a money-making hate campaign by a group of 'mostly women' More >>

Daily Star (Jan 21, 2022)

Yes, Meghan Markle Is The Victim Of A Coordinated (And Lucrative) Online Attack Campaign, Report Says

That malaise continues into the present day, as the final report in a series of three by data analytics service Bot Sentinel, published on January 18, claims that Meghan was (and is) the victim of a targeted “hate-for-profit enterprise.” More >>

ELLE (Jan 19, 2022)