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Anti-Meghan and Harry Twitter Accounts Mistakenly Trolled Sussex NHS Trust

Christopher Bouzy, who tracks hostile Twitter accounts through his data analysis company Bot Sentinel, wrote: "Anti-Meghan accounts thought the NHS was partnered with Harry and Meghan because of the name 'Sussex Partnership,' so they started attacking the NHS Twitter account. More >>

Newsweek (Jul 05, 2022)

YouTuber's Videos Dragging Amber Heard May Make Him Up to $64,000 a Month

Bouzy told Newsweek that his company Bot Sentinel is one of the few "dedicated to creating public awareness" and its mission statement is to "help fight disinformation and targeted harassment" online. Though this often involves targeting bots on Twitter, Bouzy said, "A significant portion of our research is on human-controlled accounts like The Umbrella Guy." More >>

Newsweek (Jun 22, 2022)

Concern for Amber Heard Grows as Trolling Continues Post-Trial

Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel, a platform dedicated to fighting disinformation and targeted harassment on social media tweeted: "Regardless if she lied or not, it doesn't give you or anyone else the right to cyberbully Amber or people who support her. It doesn't give you the freedom to spam the same messages 24/7 because you watched the trial. More >>

Newsweek (Jun 21, 2022)

Meghan, Harry Conspiracy Article Promoted by Twitter in Breach of Ad Policy

Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, spent months investigating social media conspiracy theories about the Sussexes. He told Newsweek: "The promoted TeddyFeed tweet is another example of Twitter failing to stop the spread of mis/disinformation." More >>

Newsweek (Jun 14, 2022)

The Tricky Business of Elon Musk Getting Twitter Fire-Hose Access

Giving Musk access to the fire hose of tweets is a relatively innocuous move, says Christopher Bouzy, the founder of Bot Sentinel, a service that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter. “It doesn’t expose users’ private data,” he says. More >>

Wired (Jun 10, 2022)

Study Finds Hateful Tweets Directed at Kamala Harris Often Go Unchecked

Bot Sentinel is a non-partisan platform created to “help fight disinformation and targeted harassment” on Twitter. The group found that more than 4,200 tweets directed at VP Harris violated the platform’s policies based on their “use of the n-word, manipulated graphic images and death threats” between January and May of 2022 alone. More >>

The Root (Jun 10, 2022)

Twitter slow to remove racist and sexist tweets targeting Vice President Kamala Harris, report finds

According to Bot Sentinel, a non-partisan research organization that works to combat disinformation and targeted harassment online, during the first five months of this year, more than 4,200 tweets directed at Harris included the use of the n-word, manipulated graphic images and death threats. More >>

CBS News (Jun 09, 2022)

How social media could influence other cases after Depp, Heard trial

"It turns out that you really only need a handful of people creating fake accounts, let's say on Twitter, to move the national conversation," Ward said. "When we spoke to the expert we heard there, Christopher Bouzy from Bot Sentinel, his firm has looked into past instances of this and essentially found that with fewer than 100 accounts, you can move the needle." More >>

Today (Jun 02, 2022)

Mainstreamed White Supremacy Sits Behind Social Media Hate of Kamala Harris

US Vice President Kamala Harris has been the target of hateful and violent abuse online and Twitter has failed to react, a new report has found. More >>

Byline Times (May 30, 2022)

Musk’s Questions About Twitter Bot Problem Spur Race for Answer

The research firm Bot Sentinel, meanwhile, estimates that 10% to 15% of accounts on Twitter are inauthentic. That includes fakes, spammers, scammers, nefarious bots, duplicates and single-purpose hate accounts. Inauthentic accounts are more likely to tweet about politics, cryptocurrency, climate change and Covid-19 than less controversial topics like kittens and origami, Bot Sentinel has found. More >>

Bloomberg (May 29, 2022)