Online Hate Targeting Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Comes From Small Number Of Users, New Report Says

Meghan Markle has for years been the target of sweeping hate-fueled harassment online — and a recent investigation has found that a small handful of people were behind it, utilizing social media to propel violent racist and sexist posts to reach millions of people. More >>

HuffPost (Oct 26, 2021)

Bot Sentinel CEO Says Women With Left-Leaning Politics Often Get More Coordinated Hate on Twitter

Who is behind social media trolling campaigns? That's what Christopher Bouzy, CEO of Bot Sentinel, is trying to find out. Bot Sentinel is a non-partisan platform developed to classify and track bots and trolls. More >>

Inside Edition (Oct 26, 2021)

Twitter Data Has Revealed A Coordinated Campaign Of Hate Against Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have long cited social media toxicity as a factor in their decision to step back from royal life. And now, an analysis of more than 114,000 tweets about the couple has revealed a coordinated campaign of targeted harassment of Meghan on Twitter — and the 83 accounts responsible for approximately 70% of the negative and often hateful content. More >>

BuzzFeed News (Oct 26, 2021)

Cameron Herrin went to prison for a Tampa crash. Were the tweets that followed real?

Another red flag is that many of the accounts that posted about Herrin in July were also created in July, said Christopher Bouzy, who developed the tool Bot Sentinel to monitor inauthentic Twitter accounts. More >>

Tampa Bay Times (Aug 05, 2021)

English football faces up to global nature of online hate

Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel, a U.S based organisation which tracks and monitors harmful social media accounts, examined the abuse of England players Sancho, Rashford and Saka. More >>

Reuters (Jul 13, 2021)

How bots and dead accounts helped drive one Ma’Khia Bryant narrative

Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel traced more than 60 inauthentic accounts that helped fuel a negative conversation on Twitter in the days after Columbus police shot and killed the Black teenager. More >>

Columbus Alive (Apr 30, 2021)

Brazilian bots are targeting the U.S. election Process to help Trump

Between 1,500 and 2.000 Brazilian Twitter bots are currently engaged in spreading disinformation and fake news about electoral fraud in the U.S., tweeting in both English and Portuguese and often tagging real Twitter users, according to an analysis by AI-monitoring group Bot Sentinel. Other experts suggest the number might be higher, behind only Russian, Chinese and Iranian bots. More >>

OZY (Nov 26, 2020)

Post-election vote tallying raises fresh security concerns

By Wednesday morning, inauthentic Twitter accounts were promoting false or unverified allegations of fraud or advancing Trump’s unsupported claims of impropriety in the counting of ballots, said Christopher Bouzy, the creator of Botsentinel.com, a platform to detect disinformation on social media. More >>

Associated Press (Nov 04, 2020)

Trolls, tweets and famous friends: the vicious PR war between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

This weekend a report by Bot Sentinel, a group that uses artificial intelligence to detect and track troll bots and allegedly untrustworthy Twitter accounts, has been made public that exposes the use of an autonomous bot which posted the phrase “Fire her from all her rolls[sic] blacklist this crazy liar”, while another read “I am starting a petition. To get Amber Heard blacklisted from Hollywood!” More >>

The Guardian (Jul 26, 2020)

Deppheads wage cyberwar on Amber Heard

Kaplan Hecker & Fink, a New York law firm, asked Bot Sentinel, a group that uses artificial intelligence to detect and track troll bots and allegedly untrustworthy Twitter accounts, to assess tweets aimed at Heard. It was specifically asked to investigate whether the actress “had been a victim of an ongoing targeted harassment and smear campaign”. The authors of the report claimed to have “identified 13 active inauthentic accounts” that had been recently created “specifically to target the Twitter account of Ms Heard”. More >>

Times of London (Jul 25, 2020)