How will Elon Musk change social media?

We used bot sentinel, a tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to categorize account behavior in accordance with Twitter’s policies, as well as analysis to determine the kind of content they typically shared. More >>

The Washington Post (May 09, 2022)

Celebrity and Politician Profiles Report Massive Loss of Followers After Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Christopher Bouzy, the creator of Bot Sentinel, a platform created in 2018 that monitors the activity of false accounts on Twitter, uploaded a post in which he assures that the accounts of Democratic politicians have suffered a loss of users, while those of politicians Republicans have increased their number of supporters. More >>

Entrepreneur (Apr 27, 2022)

Right-Wing Trolls Are Trying to Break Back Into Twitter

On Monday, Christopher Bouzy, the founder of Bot Sentinel, a service that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter, noticed that a number of left-leaning accounts had already complained about losing followers. Bouzy noticed that he had lost 400 of his 77,000-odd followers. At first, he didn’t think it was a big deal: People churn through who they follow on a regular basis. More >>

Wired (Apr 27, 2022)

Dems Hemorrhage Followers, Republicans Do Numbers After Musk Buys Twitter

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez all experienced five-figure drops of their own, according to tech entrepreneur Christopher Bouzy. More >>

The Daily Beast (Apr 26, 2022)

Conservative Twitter Accounts Explode With New Followers, Increased Engagement After Musk Announcement

According to Christopher Bouzy, founder of the social media analytics platform Bot Sentinel, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis gained nearly 100,000 followers following Musk’s announcement. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) were both up more than 50,000. More >>

The Daily Wire (Apr 26, 2022)

The Right Is Ecstatic Elon Musk Bought Twitter to ‘Literally Own the Libs’

At least at the moment, early data suggests Twitter being sold to Elon Musk is having an actual effect on the makeup of Twitter's user base. Christopher Bouzy, a data scientist who runs the bot tracker Bot Sentinel, tweeted that prominent Democratic politicians have lost followers in the last 24 hours, while prominent Republican politicians have gained followers. More >>

Vice (Apr 26, 2022)

YouTube Just Deranked Anti–Meghan Markle Channels From Search Results And Recommendations

Although Sussex fans have raised questions for years about why anti-Meghan accounts were platformed and monetized, the scrutiny of royal YouTube picked up steam in January, when social media analytics company Bot Sentinel published a report examining anti-Meghan content across various online platforms. The report was the third in a series about what the company dubbed “single-purpose hate accounts,” profiles that appeared to only be on the internet to attack a certain individual — in this case, the Duchess of Sussex. More >>

BuzzFeed News (Apr 16, 2022)

Elon Musk Has Triggered a Battle for the Future of Twitter

“I would argue there would be a negative impact on democracies worldwide if someone like Elon Musk owned Twitter,” says Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, a service that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter. More >>

Wired (Apr 14, 2022)

Royal rumblers: Inside the world of anti–Meghan Markle YouTube

Bouzy, 46, is the New York–based founder of Bot Sentinel, a site that tracks social media accounts it believes spread hate. In January 2022, Bot Sentinel released a report estimating that the three largest anti-Markle YouTube channels earn nearly half a million dollars combined from YouTube AdSense revenue More >>

Input Magazine (Apr 11, 2022)

This Is How Twitter’s Edit Button Can Actually Work

“Are there risks?” asks Christopher Bouzy, founder of Bot Sentinel, a service that tracks inauthentic behavior on Twitter. “Absolutely. It could change the context of a tweet.” More >>

Wired (Apr 07, 2022)