Trolls and Bots Moved Fast to Politicize Texas School Shooting on Social Media

While these claims are often made by real humans, they are likely amplified by automated social media bots.As of Saturday afternoon, “Santa Fe” was the top phrase being used by Twitter bots tracked by the site Bot Sentinel. Top hashtags, topics, mentions and retweets tracked by the site skew heavily toward pro-Trump, far-right, and conspiracy theory messages. More >>

Fortune (May 19, 2018)

Fake Facebook Accounts and Online Lies Multiply in Hours After Santa Fe School Shooting

Christopher Bouzy, whose site Bot Sentinel tracks more than 12,000 automated Twitter accounts often used to spread misinformation, said four of the top 10 phrases tweeted by bot or troll accounts over the past 24 hours were related to the Santa Fe shooting, reaching the top 10 within less than three hours. "That is significant activity for our platform" More >>

The Washington Post (May 18, 2018)