Inauthentic Accounts Screenshot Archive (Download)

We have compiled a screenshot archive of 798 inauthentic accounts linked to Project Veritas. We believe the screenshots will give the general public and journalists a better understanding of how bad actors use inauthentic accounts to spread disinformation and manipulate trends on Twitter. Download >>

Published (Oct 10, 2021)

Inauthentic Accounts Linked to Project Veritas (Download)

Project Veritas released a deceptive video created to malign Pfizer employees and the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Shortly after Project Veritas released the video, inauthentic Twitter accounts helped amplify the video on Twitter. We have concluded with high confidence that we have identified 798 inauthentic Twitter accounts tied to the organization, and the accounts in question were part of a broader coordinated disinformation campaign. Download >>

Published (Oct 08, 2021)